Thornton Alluvial Well Field Investigation

Thornton Alluvial Well Field Investigation

Thornton, Colorado

In 2009, Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. provided well engineering services for a two-phase project to investigate the capacity and yield potential for ten alluvial wells along the South Platte River in Thornton, Colorado.

The first phase included reviewing geological information & existing well data as well as testing the capacity of six wells currently included in the City’s water supply system. These wells experienced declines in yield since they were incorporated into the water supply system.

Deere & Ault used the results of the data review, the capacity tests and published well maintenance information to recommend alternatives for increasing and maintaining the production of the wells and the system as a whole.

The second phase included testing the capacity of four wells that are currently not part of the City’s water supply system. This investigation was the primary recommendation from the Phase 1 study. The results of the Phase 2 well study were that the four wells would significantly increase the overall production of the alluvial well field.

Client:  City of Thornton, Colorado

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