Slate Creek Ranch – Steamboat Springs

Slate Creek Ranch – Steamboat Springs

Water Resources & Hydrological Evaluation

The Slate Creek Ranch is a 1,178-acre ranch located adjacent to the Steamboat Springs City limits. The ranch has historically been used as a cattle ranching operation with hay meadows irrigated with runoff from the Slate Creek drainage, a small storage reservoir and 334.5 shares of the Woodchuck Ditch Company. Slate Creek is a tributary of the Yampa River.

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. conducted an analysis of the yield of the various water rights appurtenant to the Slate Creek Ranch, developed a reservoir operations model to determine the amount of storage needed for various development proposals, and conducted feasibility analyses for the enlargement and construction of two reservoirs on the property.

The study included a hydrological analysis of the estimated runoff from Slate Creek and other tributaries of the Yampa River and estimated yields of junior water rights, taking into account downstream calls and other water rights administration issues on the Yampa River.

Deere & Ault also prepared a report supporting the owner’s water rights applications in Case Nos. 07CW90 and 07CW91, District Court, Water Division 6.

Client:  RJB Consolidated

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