Pueblo Water Resources

Pueblo Water Resources

Pueblo, Colorado

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. has provided ongoing water resources consulting services to the Board of Water Works since 1985. The Board provides water to approximately 110,000 people living in the City of Pueblo, Colorado.

Pueblo Reservoir, a component of the Board of Water Works water supply system.

Services have included extensive water rights analyses and litigation support for various types of water rights issues including river exchanges, changes of use from irrigation to municipal use, changes of use from direct flow to storage, claims for reusable lawn irrigation return flows, plans for augmentation and water quality analyses.

The analysis of lawn irrigation return flows included development of a MODFLOW groundwater model of the Pueblo service area and vicinity.

Deere & Ault developed a computer operations model of Pueblo’s raw water supply system. The model included the operation of water rights on the Arkansas River from the headwaters near Leadville, Colorado, down to John Martin Reservoir.

The model has been used to analyze the yield of Pueblo’s entire system, yield of exchange operations and analysis of competing water rights. Deere & Ault’s staff has also provided feasibility analysis, design and construction engineering services for the rehabilitation of three of Pueblo’s transmountain diversion canals … the Ewing, Columbine and Wurtz Ditches.

Client:  Board of Water Works of Pueblo, Colorado

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