Platteville Irrigating and Milling Company

Platteville Irrigating and Milling Company

Ditch-Wide Historical Water Use
Analysis – Aurora, Colorado

The Platteville Irrigating and Milling Company provides irrigation water to shareholders through the Platteville Ditch near Fort Lupton, Colorado.

Platteville Ditch diversion measurement structure.

Increasing urbanization and industrialization in the vicinity of the Platteville Ditch has generated a need for shareholders to understand the value of their water rights. In addition, the City of Aurora has acquired an interest in the Platteville Ditch, and required an evaluation of the potential transfer of water to municipal uses.

As a result of the convergence of needs between Aurora and Platteville Ditch shareholders, Deere & Ault was contracted to conduct a historical consumptive use analysis on the entire Platteville Ditch System.

The Ditch-Wide analysis in this project included conducting landowner surveys, evaluating irrigation efficiency, and identifying changes in the use of Platteville Ditch water over the history of the system.

Deere & Ault used aerial photography dating back to the 1930s to identify historically irrigated acreage, and used a GIS analysis to track changes in field configurations and irrigated acreages through the ditch history.

Deere & Ault staff then used advanced modeling techniques to calculate the historical consumptive use of water under the Platteville Ditch System. This information has helped both Aurora and the Platteville Ditch shareholders to make informed decisions regarding their future use of Platteville Ditch water.

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