Lupton Bottom Ditch

Lupton Bottom Ditch

Hydraulic Capacity & Ditch Loss Study – Weld County, Colorado

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. conducted a hydraulic capacity analysis of the Lupton Bottom Ditch (LBD) on behalf of the City of Aurora.

The LBD, including all three reaches, is a 20 mile long irrigation ditch located in Weld County. The study involved surveying of the critical structures along the ditch including: diversion structures, grade and drop structures, flow measurement devises, low bank locations, etc. Using the cross section and structure survey data.

Lupton Bottom Ditch West Lateral Headgate.

Deere & Ault’s staff developed a detailed HEC-RAS hydraulic model, of all three reaches, to analyze the LBD flow capacities.

The hydraulic analysis provided the City of Aurora and the Lupton Bottom Ditch Company an estimate of the maximum flow capacity of the ditch at various locations. The analysis was also used to identify possible structures, cross sections and/or reaches that could be improved to increase the overall capacity of the ditch.

In addition to performing the hydraulic capacity analysis, Deere & Ault conducted three ditch loss measurements of the entire LBD. Deere & Ault’s staff primarily utilized a Marsh-McBirney flow meter to measure known inflows and outflows to estimate the ditch loss for each reach of the ditch as well as the overall system-wide loss.

Client:  City of Aurora

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