GIS Capabilities

GIS Capabilities

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. utilizes the latest – most current release of ESRI ArcView GIS with the 3D Analyst extension package for its GIS applications.

Deere & Ault is proficient at creating custom maps showing the following:

  • land features
  • topography
  • land and structural improvements
  • recent and historical aerial photography
  • USGS 7.5′ topographic quadrangles
  • USGS geologic maps
  • USDA soil types
  • a variety of other data

Deere & Ault can also locate specific features pertinent to a specific project as needed. To this end, D&A maintains a large database of GIS data which includes the aerial photography, topographical maps, and land feature datasets. Deere & Ault has access to additional data as a project requires. Some additional services D&A provides include the following:

  • analyzing data relationships
  • interpreting data results
  • producing figures and graphics to present the analyses clearly
  • digitizing old maps (paper or electronic) to be incorporated with all other available data

Deere & Ault uses the 3D Analyst package to perform surface analyses such as data interpolation, the creation of surface contour maps, and other three-dimensional applications.

Deere & Ault is also proficient at interfacing ArcView with AutoCAD Civil3D 2009 for additional drafting versatility utilizing the specific advantages of each software package.

Examples of past projects include the following:

  • mapping well locations
  • project sites and ditches
  • developing irrigation master plans
  • creating geologic and landslide hazard maps
  • quantifying flows
  • analyzing watersheds
  • identifying property ownerships and right of ways
  • comparing sites with various times in the past
  • providing land-use planning information
  • mapping gravel resources and analyzing feasibility for mining

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