FRICO – Burlington Ditch – United Water

FRICO – Burlington Ditch – United Water

ECCV Water Rights Application Case #’s 02CW105 & 02CW403

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. represented the City of Aurora as an objector to the system-wide application for change of use of water rights in the FRICO-Barr Lake Company and Burlington Ditch, Land and Reservoir Companies Barr Lake Division, alternate point of diversion, alternate point of storage, right of exchange, and new diversion and storage water rights in Colorado Water Court Case Nos. 02CW105 and 02CW403.

These cases involved the transfer of water rights from a large reservoir and ditch irrigation network to provide replacement water for depletions caused by pumping wells for municipal purposes.

Deere & Ault performed a detailed analysis of the physical and administrative development and historical use of the subject water rights. This investigation included field analyses of the farms which were evaluated by the applicants to determine the historical consumptive use of the water rights.

Deere & Ault provided expert witness testimony and litigation support during the 16-day water court trial in Case No. 02CW403. Specifically, Deere & Ault provided the prevailing expert witness testimony on several critical trial issues including irrigation efficiency, canal conveyance loss, and conditions for the future changed use of the water rights.

Client:  City of Aurora, Colorado

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