Central City Water Resources Engineering

Central City Water Resources Engineering

Central City, Colorado

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. has provided on-going water resources consulting services to Central City since 1995.

Chase Gulch Reservoir, a component of Central City’s water supply system
located on Chase Gulch, a tributary of North Clear Creek.

Services have included extensive water right analyses and litigation support for various types of water rights issues, including exchanges on Clear Creek and North Clear Creek, claims for reusable lawn irrigation return flows, plan for augmentation, and applications for junior conditional direct flow and storage water rights.

In addition, our staff has reviewed applications for water rights for a number of other water users on Clear Creek to ensure that no injury would result to Central City’s water rights.

Deere & Ault developed a computer operations model of the Central City raw water supply system. The model included the operation of water rights on North Clear Creek and tributaries of North Clear Creek, water rights on Fall River, and exchange of Central City’s Farmers’ Highline shares from the Farmers’ Highline augmentation station up to various points of diversion on North Clear Creek and its tributaries.

Deere & Ault’s staff also provided feasibility analysis, design, and construction engineering services for the Chase Gulch Dam and Reservoir.

Client:  City of Central, Colorado

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