Cannon Land Company & Cannon Water, LLP

Cannon Land Company & Cannon Water, LLP

Fort Lupton, Colorado

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. developed an augmentation plan using direct flow and storage water rights decreed for irrigation use as offsets for depletions arising from well pumping to supply a nearby power plant.

Water measurement structure at the Cannon recharge pond.

Cannon’s historical use of two ditches and two reservoirs was evaluated, protective terms & conditions were proposed to prevent injury to other water rights in the South Platte river basin, and a detailed operations plan was developed.

Deere & Ault engineers gave expert witness testimony at trial in Water Court to change Cannon’s water rights to augmentation use. The operations plan and infrastructure modifications prepared by Deere & Ault allow delivery of ditch water directly to the South Platte River, delivery of ditch water to recharge facilities for lagged accrual to the river, and releases of previously stored reservoir water to provide sufficient replacement credits to replace out-of-priority well depletions.

This plan was tailored specifically for Cannon to allow ongoing irrigation of portion s of the farm while meeting the augmentation obligations generated by the power plant.

Deere & Ault applied advanced analytical methods to maximize the beneficial use of Cannon’s water assets.

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