Arkansas Groundwater Users Association

Arkansas Groundwater Users Association

Arkansas Valley, Colorado – Water Resources Engineering – AGUA

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. has provided ongoing water resources consulting services to the Arkansas Groundwater Users Association (AGUA) since 1996.

AGUA provides well augmentation water for approximately 400 wells located in the Arkansas Valley from Leadville to Las Animas.

Deere & Ault assists AGUA with the identification, evaluation and procurement of sources of replacement water either for purchase or for temporary use through leasing. Two feasibility studies have been prepared to support purchases of water rights. Deere & Ault’s staff assisted the client by obtaining low interest funding through the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB).

Pueblo Reservoir, a component of the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project water supply system.

Deere & Ault prepares annual plans that provide the mechanism allowing continued use of AGUA member irrigation, commercial and domestic wells. Without the replacement plan to mitigate out-of-priority diversions to the Arkansas River and its tributaries, the wells would not be allowed to pump. The plans are prepared in accordance with rules established by the Division of Water Resources, State Engineer’s Office.

In addition to preparing the initial plan, Deere & Ault manages the operation of the replacement plan throughout the plan year. Deere & Ault’s staff also works with State personnel at the Division Engineer’s Office in Pueblo, Colorado to assure that adequate replacement water is provided to offset any adverse water rights impacts due to well pumping.

Client:  Arkansas Groundwater Users Association

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