Thornton – General Water Rights Consulting

Thornton – General Water Rights Consulting

Thornton, Colorado

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. has provided general water rights consulting to the City of Thornton since 1983.

Deere & Ault has provided the City of Thornton with general water rights consulting services since 1983.
Litigation support for Thornton’s new water rights filings and litigation support as an objector to
protect Thornton’s water rights has been provided.

Deere & Ault’s staff have provided litigation support to Thornton as an applicant for water rights filings involving direct flow appropriations, water storage appropriations, changes of use, augmentation plans, and exchanges; and as an objector to water rights filings that may injure the City’s water rights.

Specific cases in which Deere & Ault has provided Thornton with litigation support include:

  • Thornton’s Northern Project Consolidated Case Nos. 86CW401, 86CW402, 86CW403, and 87CW332. The consolidated cases involved appropriations of Poudre River water, a ditch exchange, Poudre River exchanges, the transfer of irrigation water to municipal use, and the development of an augmentation plan.
  • An objector to the City of Golden’s Augmentation Plan in Case No. 83CW361.
  • Clear Creek Exchanges decreed in Case No. 88CW268. The Clear Creek exchanges were a part of the Clear Creek water quality settlement between Thornton, Westminster, Coors, and Golden.
  • The City of Thornton’s South Platte Gravel Pit storage rights in Case No. 91CW126, and South Platte River exchanges in Case No. 96CW1116.
  • Thornton’s transfer of Lake Erie storage rights to Standley Lake in Case No. 82CW222.
  • Thornton’s ThornCreek golf course water rights on Big Dry Creek decreed in Case No. 87CW333.
  • Thornton’s South Platte River/Metro effluent exchanges decreed in Case No. 88CW261.
  • An objector to the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District’s Plan for Augmentation in Case No. 02CW335.

Client:  City of Thornton, Colorado

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