Aurora – General Water Resources

Aurora – General Water Resources

City of Aurora, Colorado

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. provided on-going water resources consulting services to the City of Aurora since 1985. Aurora provides water to approximately 307,000 people within the City limits.

City of Aurora Municipal Building, various storage facilities, and an Aurora owned South Park Ranch.

Services have included water resources planning and extensive water rights analyses and litigation support. Deere & Ault has also provided consulting services related to the construction feasibility of various reservoirs.

Deere & Ault developed a model of the Aurora Raw Water System that has been utilized to evaluate raw water system yields under various operation scenarios, evaluate storage requirements, assist in the sizing of raw water facilities (i.e., pipeline capacities, ditch capacity, diversion structures), evaluate the yield of new water rights filings, and provide baseline information for various permitting efforts.

Deere & Ault’s staff conducted preliminary investigations as early as 1986 regarding raw water supply projects located north of Aurora. The investigations of the various raw water supply projects were the precursor to the City of Aurora’s Prairie Waters Project (PWP). Our staff assisted Aurora Water with various water resources planning aspects of the PWP, including modeling of project yields, filing of junior conditional water rights on the South Platte River, design of low permeability barriers, and various permitting tasks.

Deere & Ault has conducted an extensive investigation of the lawn irrigation return flows (LIRFs) within the City’s service area. We also conducted a hydrogeological study of the developed sections of the City of Aurora to determine soil characteristics, water levels, and bedrock locations within the City. The hydrogeologic information was used to calculate the timing, location, and amount of reusable LIRFs accruing to the various drainages within the City.

Deere & Ault provided litigation support to the City to quantify the LIRF credits in Case No. 02CW341. We also provided engineering and litigation support to the City with its augmentation plan for irrigation of parks and golf courses, utilizing its LIRF credits in Case No. 06CW257.

Deere & Ault conducted a reservoir siting study for the PWP terminal reservoir, a Columbine Reservoir feasibility study in South Park, and a feasibility study of appurtenant structures associated with a proposed Box Creek Reservoir near Leadville, Colorado.

Deere & Ault has provided water rights consulting to Aurora for its applications for new junior water rights filings, change of use of water rights, and as an objector in protecting the City’s interests from injury from other water users’ water rights applications.

Client:  City of Aurora, Colorado

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