Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Colorado State University

Mr. Phelps has over 10 years of experience in civil engineering focusing on water resources and water rights. His expertise and experience is in water rights, consumptive use modeling, hydrology, water supply analysis and planning, water resources systems analysis, and water resource computer modeling. His experience includes project management, water rights planning and analysis, changes of water rights, technical assistance in objections to water rights claims, preparation of water rights applications, and analysis of municipal and agricultural supplies and demands. Specific water rights and water resources experience includes historical consumptive use analysis; determination of yields of individual water rights and water rights portfolios; changes of water rights from agricultural to municipal uses;  quantifying the historical amount, timing and location of return flows; determination of potential injury to existing water rights from proposed water rights changes and new water rights; preparation of substitute water supply plans and plans for augmentation; and analysis of water supplies and demands including municipal usage projections and operations of water rights systems and reservoirs.