M.S. – Civil Engineering – Emphasis in Hydraulics – Coloraedo State University – 1980
B.S. – Civil Engineering – Colorado State University – 1978

Mr. Ballantine has more than 25 years of experience in water resources and civil engineering. His expertise and experience is in water rights, hydraulics, hydrology, designs associated with water resource projects, raw water supply planning, and water resource computer modeling.

Mr. Ballantine has been involved in numerous water rights investigations and has provided expert witness testimony in water rights related litigation. Water rights investigations he has completed include: documentation of historic consumptive use of irrigation water; conducting evaluations of the value of water rights; preparation of plans for augmentation for use of surface water and groundwater; determination of water availability for new water rights appropriations, including direct flow, storage, and river exchange appropriations; groundwater studies quantifying the historic amount, timing, and location of return flows from agricultural and urban irrigation; feasibility level studies of facilities needed to perfect water rights; and cost estimates of facilities involved in water rights appropriations.

Mr. Ballantine has developed and applied river basin models in the course of conducting water rights and raw water supply planning investigations. He was instrumental in the development of the Thornton Raw Water System Model (TRWSM) for the City of Thornton. TRWSM has been used extensively for Thornton in its raw water planning, water rights acquisitions, and raw water facility development.

Mr. Ballantine has completed hydrologic analyses associated with the sizing of spillways for several reservoirs, including Jasper Lake, Ireland No. 5 Reservoir, McCall Lake, Chase Gulch Reservoir, and Jim Baker Reservoir. He provided the hydraulic analysis and design for the Jim Baker Reservoir and Chase Gulch Reservoir spillways. He conducted hydraulic, hydrologic, and sediment transport analyses and design restoration measures for two transmountain ditches owned by the Board of Water Works of Pueblo, Colorado that experienced severe erosion problems on National Forest property.

He was directly responsible for acquiring the necessary permits to complete the ditch restoration construction on the National Forest property. He has also conducted hydrologic investigations on other projects that require Corps of Engineers and Division of Wildlife permits before construction.