Principal, Senior Vice President
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, 1982
Graduate Courses, University of Colorado

Mr. McLean has over 35 years of experience in civil engineering focusing on water resources and water rights. His expertise and experience is in water rights, hydrology, hydraulics, design of hydraulic structures, water supply analysis and planning, and water resource computer modeling.

Mr. McLean has performed as Project Engineer and Project Manager on many water resources projects for private and governmental entities. His background includes project management, design and analysis of all phases of municipal and agricultural water supply systems and facilities including water rights planning and analysis, changes of water rights, technical assistance in objections to water rights claims, preparation of water rights applications, expert witness testimony, analysis of water quality including mass balance calculations, analysis of supplies and demands, and design of raw water storage reservoirs, pump stations, spillways, diversion and measurement structures, transmission and distribution pipelines and open channels.

Specific water rights and water resources experience includes determination of yields of water rights portfolios, changes of water rights from agricultural to municipal uses including exchange and reuse, preparation of plans for augmentation, assistance in support of objections to water rights applications of others and analysis of supplies and demands including operations of water rights and reservoirs.

Mr. McLean has designed and prepared plans and specifications for rehabilitation of dams, enlargement of spillways, construction of inlet structures and outlet structures, and all other appurtenances associated with reservoir storage. Other design experience includes treated and raw water transmission pipelines, and irrigation diversion, grade control and measurement structures.

Mr. McLean has developed and applied river basin models in the course of conducting water rights and raw water supply planning investigations. He was instrumental in the development of an Arkansas River model (ARKMOD) for the Board of Water Works of Pueblo, Colorado. ARKMOD has been used extensively for Pueblo in its raw water planning, water rights acquisitions, and raw water facility development.