Clear Creek Exchange

Clear Creek Exchange

City of Thornton, Colorado

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. staff provided litigation support to Thornton’s Clear Creek exchange filing in Case No. 83CW081, including negotiations with objectors, preparation of Court exhibits, participation in depositions, and providing expert witness testimony. The District Court in Water Division 1 awarded Thornton the right to exchange water from the South Platte River to Clear Creek in Case No. 83CW081.

Development of a spreadsheet model to evaluate the City of Thornton’s Clear Creek exchange potential in
Case No. 83CW081. Litigation support, including expert witness testimony, was provided by
Deere & Ault staff to assist Thornton in obtaining a decree from the Water Court.

The City of Thornton previously owned water rights in South Park and a significant interest in the Burlington/ Wellington system. To add operational flexibility to Thornton’s raw water delivery system, the City sought to exchange their South Platte River water up Clear Creek to the Lower Clear Creek Ditch headgate, which feeds the West Gravel Lakes and to the Church Ditch, Croke Canal, and Farmers High Line Canal headgates which feed Standley Lake.

A point flow spreadsheet model was developed by Deere & Ault staff to determine the exchange potential on Clear Creek. The Clear Creek point flow model included the stream flows, diversions, and tributary inflows from the South Platte River confluence to the Clear Creek at Golden gage.

Client:  City of Thornton, Colorado

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