Roy H. Spitzer – P.G.

Roy H. Spitzer – P.G.

Longmont, Colorado (303) 651-1468

Boise, Idaho (208) 331-9736

M.S. – Engineering Geology – University of Illinois – 1977
B.S. – Geology – University of Illinois – 1971

Roy Spitzer

Mr. Spitzer has more than 30 years of experience in Engineering Geology, mainly in the Rocky Mountain Region. His expertise and experience is in the geotechnical investigations, analysis, and design for major structures.

The focus of his educational background was in engineering geology, soil mechanics, and rock mechanics with course work in geohydrology. Stability of soil and rock slopes, and underground openings has been a major focus for his professional experience.

Mr. Spitzer has provided engineering geologic expertise for numerous dams, both water storage and tailings dams. Water storage dams have included earthfill, rockfill, and concrete structures. He was the lead investigator for several major projects including the proposed Cross Mountain/Juniper Project in northwestern Colorado, the proposed Deer Creek rockfill dam near Casper, Wyoming, and the proposed Little Horn Pumped Storage Project near Sheridan, Wyoming. Mr. Spitzer was responsible for geotechnical analysis and design of the Broomfield Terminal Storage Reservoir (constructed in 1994) and Chase Gulch Dam, a 100-foot high concrete faced rockfill dam (constructed in 1996).

Mr. Spitzer has provided engineering geologic expertise for numerous tunnels, including water tunnels, sewer tunnels, subway tunnels, and highway tunnels. He has analyzed rock loads and designed primary and final support for outlet works shafts, tunnels, and microtunnels. He has prepared rock mechanics laboratory testing programs and analyzed the data gathered to evaluate rock boreability characteristics for Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs).

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