Rhett Hines – P.E.

Rhett Hines – P.E.

Longmont, Colorado (303) 651-1468

Boise, Idaho (208) 331-9736
Civil Engineer

B.S. – Civil Engineering – University of Wyoming – 2002
B.S. – Animal Science – University of Wyoming – 1997

Rhett Hines

Mr. Hines has seven years of experience in the field of civil engineering focusing in the area of water resources.

His experience includes work as a project engineer and construction engineer on water related projects in Colorado and Wyoming.

These projects have included water storage and diversion dams, fish hatcheries, pipelines, wetlands, storm sewer, and roadway projects.

Mr. Hines served as a construction engineer on a 22,000 acre-foot dam and as resident engineer on the construction of several fish hatchery projects.

His experience includes design and analysis of wetlands, hydraulic structures, pipelines, and open channels.

As a project engineer he has prepared plans and specifications, cost estimates, and conducted feasibility studies for both private and government agencies.

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