Mine Reclamation & Bulkheads

Mine Reclamation & Bulkheads

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Deere & Ault Consultants Inc. (D&A) has extensive experience with tunnels and mining projects, including numerous acid mine drainage control projects. Tasks have included geotechnical investigation, mine reclamation, grading, run on-run off control, mine hydrology investigation, control and treatment of impounded water, mine adit rehabilitation, and mine bulkheads. D&A staff typically oversees projects from initiation through construction. This gives them insight into the full range of mine development and reclamation.

D&A’s mining engineering experience comes from working not only with mining companies, but also with parties affected by mining, entities interested in the reclaimed site, and the mining/water resource regulators. This multifaceted experience allows them to understand the needs and concerns of all parties.

What sets D&A apart from other qualified mining and geotechnical consultants is our extensive experience in water and industrial wastewater treatment systems. Our capabilities and experience include:

  • Mine reclamation water conveyance systems.
  • Industrial wastewater collection, pumping and treatment.
  • Water filtration, disinfection, storage and pumping.

We have worked extensively with highly corrosive industrial wastewater, seawater and fresh water. Our process design experience includes flocculation and sedimentation, slow and high rate filtration, membrane filtration, biologically active filters, ozonation, UV, ion exchange, air stripping, and conventional disinfection. Our services include planning, NPDES permitting, process engineering, equipment selection, final engineering design, construction management, and startup and training for the range of simple to highly complex systems with constructed values in excess of $30 million.