James Tingle Dam & Reservoir

James Tingle Dam & Reservoir

Park County, Colorado

The planned 400 acre-foot James Tingle Dam and Reservoir is located southwest of the town of Jefferson in Park County, Colorado near Michigan Creek.

Construction of James Tingle Dam and Reservoir

The dam site is at an elevation of approximately 9,400 feet. Primary use of the reservoir will be a water storage vessel used to supply metered historic return flows to Michigan Creek. The under construction reservoir is utilizing a balanced cut/fill of onsite materials and will have both above and below grade storage.

Project challenges include construction in a remote, high mountain environment, design of return flow facilities capable of operation during the winter and project constraints due to the location of wetlands near the site.

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. provided engineering services on this project that included a feasibility study, geotechnical investigations, hydrological investigations, and general civil engineering. The information collected during the investigations was incorporated into the design of the reservoir. Deere & Ault prepared plans and specifications that were subsequently reviewed and approved by the SEO. Deere & Ault is also performing the construction engineering.

Major project components include a 26-foot high zoned earth embankment with 200,000 cubic yards of earthwork, grouted riprap inlet channel, outlet channel, outlet works with concrete gate vault, concrete spillway, 80,000 square foot slurry wall, and metered return flow system.

Clients:  Center of Colorado Water Conservancy District
Centennial Water and Sanitation District

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