Dunes Reservoir

Dunes Reservoir

Brighton, Colorado

The Dunes Reservoir is a 5,200 acre-foot project located northwest of Denver, Colorado. The project includes one million cubic yards of earth dam construction, a concrete emergency spillway, and a 48-inch diameter outlet pipe. Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. provided final design services and construction engineering for the project.

Earthen dam construction activities, building upward from reservoir bottom.

The water storage reservoir will be owned by the Denver Water Board and South Adams County Water and Sanitation District. Project challenges include coordination between embankment dam construction and on-going mining activities, special design consideration and design amendments during construction were required to use available on-site borrow materials for embankment dam fill, and coordination to accommodate an existing large capacity canal running parallel to the downstream toe of the dam.

Processing embankment fill near dam crest with riprap in place.

Client: Dunes Investment Partners, LLC and Denver Water Board

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