Chase Gulch Reservoir

Chase Gulch Reservoir

Central City, Colorado

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. provided complete engineering, design, and construction engineering services for a concrete-faced rockfill dam in the mineral belt area of the Colorado Front Range near Central City, Colorado.

The dam site is at an elevation of approximately 8,700 feet. The dam impounds water on Chase Gulch, a tributary to North Clear Creek. Preliminary designs were prepared for both a concrete-faced rockfill dam and a roller-compacted concrete dam. The concrete faced rockfill embankment dam was selected as the most suitable for the site conditions and available construction materials.

Chase Gulch Dam is a 100-foot high concrete-faced rockfill dam. The photo illustrates rockfill placement and initial construction of the face slabs.

The dam consists of a 100-foot high, quarried, rockfill embankment with upstream slopes of 1.4:1 (horizontal to vertical) and downstream slopes of 1.3:1 with a crest width of 25 feet. A concrete toe plinth and upstream concrete face provided the water barrier. A foundation grout curtain constructed through the toe plinth intercepts potential under-seepage. Appurtenant structures included:

  • A 30-inch diameter outlet pipe through the rock foundation with an upstream guard gate and downstream valve.
  • A pump station to convey raw water from the dam to the water treatment plant.
  • A chute-type spillway excavated in the rock around the left dam abutment to pass flood flows.

Client: City of Central

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