Saltwater Park & North Fork Skokomish Hatcheries

Saltwater Park & North Fork Skokomish Hatcheries

Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. was retained by Tacoma Power to provide planning, final design, and engineering during construction for two new fish hatcheries on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. The work consisted of a joint biological and engineering effort between Tacoma Power and the consultant team.

Aerial view of North Fork Skokomish Hatchery during construction.

North Fork Hatchery is a combined stock facility located on Lake Kokanee that will rear spring Chinook, coho salmon, and steelhead trout. The facility includes a pumping station and ground storage reservoir for supplying surface water to juveniles and adults, and a ground water well with GAC filtration system for incubation water supply.

The hatchery includes adult holding and spawning, incubation, and early rearing using Cornell circular raceways. The North Fork Hatchery also serves as the administrative and support center for the entire Cushman Hydroelectric Project fish facilities, including the Cushman No. 2 Dam adult fish trap and sorting facility, the Cushman Floating Surface Collector, and the Cushman Hatcheries.

Saltwater Park Hatchery is located on Hood Canal in Western Washington.

Saltwater Park is a sockeye salmon hatchery that rears up to two million fry for release into the North Fork Skokomish River system. An existing spring adjacent to Tacoma Power’s Cushman No. 2 Powerhouse provides disease free water for incubation, early rearing, and adult holding. The site facilities include adult holding, incubation, starter troughs, Cornell circular raceways, a spawning facility, and administrative and support facilities.

Client: Tacoma Power

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