Farmers’ High Line Canal Lining Project

Farmers’ High Line Canal Lining Project

Golden, Colorado

The Farmers’ High Line (FHL) Canal provides water to irrigators and municipalities in the North Denver Front Range area. Portions of the canal were suspected of losing large quantities of water through seepage.

Installing geo-composite liner in canal.

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. studied several reaches of the ditch and located a prime section for lining. Three alternative lining techniques: concrete, geosynthetic clay liner, and clay earth fill liner were prepared for bidding with construction drawings and specifications. A one-mile section of canal was selected to be lined during the first phase of the project.

Deere & Ault provided initial investigations to quantify the seepage along the canal. This work included geotechnical review and investigation work, installation of piezometer sets, groundwater monitoring including geochemical tracking, and ponding tests along the canal. These initial investigations identified sections of the ditch with high potential seepage loss rates.

A design was conducted for the section of canal with the largest seepage loss rate. The design work included topographic surveying, hydraulic modeling, design of drop structures and grade control structures, channel section designs, geotechnical investigations, and the development of construction drawings and specifications. Deere & Ault provided bidding assistance including developing a list of qualified contractors invited to bid the project.

Deere & Ault’s staff provided construction related engineering services.

Client:  Farmers’ High Line Canal and Reservoir Company

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