Dry Creek Stream Restoration

Dry Creek Stream Restoration

Longmont, Colorado

Dry Creek had been extensively channelized and overgrazed causing significant bank erosion and loss of riparian values, floodplain function, and fish/wildlife habitat.

Dry Creek Stream — Before Restoration

FEMA flood studies showed that additional flood capacity was needed for area development as well as downstream protection. The City of Longmont specified the design parameters for the construction of a regional stormwater detention facility at this location.

Dry Creek Stream — After Restoration

Deere & Ault’s staff collaborated with the St. Vrain Valley School District, Queen of the River consultants, the City of Longmont, landowners, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to permit, design and reestablish approximately one-half mile of Dry Creek’s historic floodplain and riparian corridor.

The restoration process included: 

  • Creating a 3.7-acre irrigation pond that functions as a raw water supply and recreational fishery.
  • Managing flooding and addressing the needs of stormwater retention with the pond and restored channel.
  • Reestablishing a functioning floodplain that enhanced the environment and created a stable channel.
  • Creating new wetlands along Dry Creek and an irrigation pond for water quality and riparian habitat benefits.

Client:  St. Vrain Valley School District RE-1J

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