Ditch Company Review Work

Ditch Company Review Work

Colorado Front Range

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. represents numerous ditch companies throughout the Front Range of Colorado. Deere & Ault assists the ditch companies in the review of bridge crossings, culvert crossings, pipeline utility crossings, storm pipe acceptance, development, easements, trail and path construction near ditches, diversion and headgate structures, flow measurement devices, ditch relocations, capacity studies, ditch loss studies, and bank stability measures.

Boulder and White Rock Ditch near Niwot High School.

A partial list of ditch companies that Deere & Ault represent includes the following:

  • Allen Ditch Company
  • Beckwith Ditch and Reservoir Company
  • Bonus Ditch Company
  • Boulder and Left Hand Irrigation Company
  • Boulder and Weld County Ditch Company
  • Boulder and Weld Reservoir Company
  • Boulder and White Rock Ditch and Reservoir Company
  • Brighton Ditch Company
  • Clear Creek and Platte Ditch Company
  • Clover Basin Irrigation Company
  • Colorado Agricultural Ditch Company
  • Consolidated Home Supply Ditch and Reservoir Company
  • Denio and Taylor Mill Ditch Company
  • East Lake Ditch Company
  • Farmers’ High Line Canal and Reservoir Company
  • Fulton Irrigating Ditch Company
  • Highland Ditch Company
  • Longmont Supply Ditch Company
  • Mandalay Ditch Company
  • New Brantner Extension Ditch Company
  • New Union Community Ditch Company
  • Niwot Ditch Company
  • North Boulder Farmers Ditch Company
  • Oligarchy Irrigation Company
  • Palmerton Consolidated Ditch Company
  • Peck Ditch Company
  • Rough and Ready Irrigating Ditch Company
  • Signal Ditch Company
  • Six Mile No. 2 Reservoir Company
  • Upper Platte and Beaver Canal Company

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