Columbine Ditch Restoration

Columbine Ditch Restoration

Climax, Colorado

The Columbine Ditch is a transmountain ditch that conveys Eagle River basin water to the Arkansas River. At the Continental Divide, approximately 1,100 feet of the Columbine Ditch experienced severe erosion.

Reconstructed Transmountain Diversion Canal located at the Continental Divide high in the mountains of Colorado.

The Board of Water Works of Pueblo, Colorado (Board) owns and operates the Columbine Ditch. Deere & Ault investigated channel stability options and provided a channel stability design for the Board.

Deere & Ault recommended a riprap lined channel design. The benefits include: long-term stability, cost, and future aesthetics. Through cooperation with Climax Mine, Deere & Ault obtained a riprap source within a four-mile haul distance of the project. After side slope vegetation was established, willow plantings along the ditch provided additional erosion protection.

Deere & Ault provided the following services: hydraulic analysis, design, bidding assistance, and construction related engineering.

Client:  Board of Water Works of Pueblo, Colorado

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