Ditch – Irrigation & Canal Design

Ditch – Irrigation & Canal Design

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To provide support to our various municipal, agricultural, commercial, and industrial water supply providers, we have developed excellent capabilities in the hydraulic modeling, design and construction engineering of canals and ditches.

We represent numerous agricultural ditch companies in Colorado involved with various ditch re-routing, ditch crossing, and rehabilitation projects to accommodate the ever increasing municipal growth in Colorado. We have also designed rehabilitation projects for transmountain municipal water supply ditches at high altitude locations near the continental divide in Colorado.

Our projects have ranged in size from the small ditches carrying one or two cfs to large capacity systems that carry over 1,000 cfs. Our staff recently designed and performed construction engineering services on a combined reservoir spillway and drainage channel with a capacity of 22,000 cfs.

Our services include the design of various appurtenant facilities such as check dams, headgates, diversion structures, drop structures, turnouts, measuring flumes, and pump stations.

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