The Shores Reservoir Complex

The Shores Reservoir Complex

Longmont, Colorado

The Shores Reservoirs comprise a complex of four below-grade, lined, water storage reservoirs constructed in conjunction with aggregate mining activities. The site of the reservoirs is located near the St. Vrain River in Weld County, Colorado just east of Interstate 25.

Soil-bentonite slurry wall reservoir liner system under construction.

Reservoir liners include compacted earthen embankment slope liners and soil-bentonite slurry wall lining systems. In total, over 25,000 linear feet of reservoir liner have been constructed. Design challenges include coordinating the reservoir construction with existing irrigation ditch facilities. Eight existing ditches and irrigation laterals cross the property. Relocation of ditch diversion structures, design and construction of new laterals and diversions to fill the reservoirs, and configuration of the reservoir layouts required careful consideration and coordination with ditch company boards and individual owners.

Federal permits, including U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ 404 permits were required.

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. designed the reservoir liners, prepared plans and specifications, and provided construction engineering and quality control for all phases of the reservoir work. In addition, Deere & Ault designed and provided construction engineering for interconnects between the reservoirs. The interconnect conduits were constructed by horizontal directional drilling conduits between the reservoirs. The conduits were grouted to prevent seepage. Slope stem operators and slide gates were installed on each end of the conduits to control and/or regulate flows between the reservoirs.

Deere & Ault also developed and completed leak tests for the reservoirs; analyzed and designed all hydraulic facilities for checks, turnouts and inlets; and assisted in the project permitting.

Final reservoir storage along with the filling and interconnect facilities will be owned by Central Colorado Water Conservancy District. The projected total water storage volume will be approximately 4,800 acre-feet.

Client:  Lot Holding, LLC (a Division of Hall-Irwin Construction)

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