Stonewall Springs Central Reservoir

Stonewall Springs Central Reservoir

Pueblo, Colorado

The planned 8,200 acre-foot Stonewall Springs Central Reservoir is located east of Pueblo, Colorado, along the Arkansas River. The site will be mined for sand & gravel and then converted to a reservoir with both above and below grade storage.

Geologic Profile of Site

Services provided on this project ranged from a feasibility study to geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, and hydrological investigation. Upon completion of the investigations, the project moved forward with the design of the reservoir including the preparation of construction plans and specifications. The plans and specifications have been approved by the office of the State Engineer. Deere & Ault will provide construction engineering services once construction begins.

Major project components include a 30-foot high zoned earth embankment with 500,000 cubic yards of earthwork, outlet channel with drop structures, outlet works, concrete spillway, 500,000 square foot slurry wall, and ditch turnout/inlet structure.

Client:  Stonewall Springs Quarry, LLC

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