Siebring Reservoir

Siebring Reservoir

Greeley, Colorado

The Siebring Reservoir, constructed in 1991, was the first gravel pit reservoir in the State of Colorado to be lined with a slurry wall.

Siebring Reservoir was lined with a 12,106-foot long soil-bentonite slurry wall converting a mined gravel pit into a raw water storage reservoir.

The project was designed by Deere & Ault personnel and constructed by Hall-Irwin Construction.

The site is located along the Cache la Poudre River just west of Greeley, Colorado. The slurry wall has a total length of 12,106 feet. The slurry wall was constructed during gravel mining operations. After completion of the wall, dewatering requirements ceased.

The total storage is 1,214 acre-feet, of which 84 acre-feet are stored in the void space. The storage rights were purchased by Central Colorado Water Conservancy District.

Client:  Central Colorado Water Conservancy District

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