Lake McIntosh Outlet Works Repair

Lake McIntosh Outlet Works Repair

Longmont, Colorado

The existing outlet control gates were inoperable at Lake McIntosh. In addition, several large cracks were found within the concrete vault walls.

Mid-way through construction of the vault.

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. designed a new outlet vault for the Lake McIntosh Reservoir Company. The new vault was a two-chambered, 12-foot by 8-foot cast-in-place reinforced concrete vault with a center wall, and outlet gates sized to provide water for irrigation and reservoir release.

Placement of the inlet pipe.

The vault was constructed in a small working area near a power substation. The project included coordination with various entities, including the power company, the local parks and utility departments, and the State Engineer’s Office.

Client:  Lake McIntosh Reservoir Company

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