Everist Reservoir

Everist Reservoir

Fort Lupton, Colorado

The L.G. Everist Gravel Mine is located west of and adjacent to the South Platte River north of Fort Lupton, Colorado. As the gravel mining progresses, the pits are being reclaimed as a series of six slurry wall lined reservoirs. The total reservoir storage in the complex will be approximately 6,300 acre-feet.

Komatsu PC 750 long-reach excavator digging slurrywall on the Golden site.

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. personnel designed the perimeter slurry wall liner, developing plans and specifications for the Fort Lupton Pit, and subsequently provided consultation during construction of the 7,700 linear feet of slurry wall and subsequent leakage testing of the lined pit. The slurry wall met the SEO design standard for lined gravel pit reservoirs. Deere & Ault also provided slope stability analysis for final grading of the lined reservoir.

Fort Lupton pit after mining and slope reclamation.

Deere & Ault teamed with Compass Environmental in a design/build agreement to build the 3,700-foot long Golden Pit perimeter slurry wall (average 42 feet deep) and the 5,300-foot long Hill/Oakley slurry wall (average 45 feet deep). Deere & Ault completed geotechnical investigations for the slurry wall, and developed plans and specifications for both sites. Deere & Ault provided full-time quality control and field engineering during construction of both slurry walls. Deere & Ault also developed a leak test procedure for the Golden Pit and worked with L.G. Everist to complete the testing. The Golden Pit also met the SEO design standard for lined gravel pit reservoirs. Testing of the Hill/Oakley slurry wall is pending.

Everist Reservoir Golden Cell with Reclaimed Slopes.

Deere & Ault teamed with CDM to develop a comprehensive site plan for the City of Aurora addressing reservoir filling options, outlet needs, permitting, and reservoir connectivity.

Clients:  L.G. Everist and City of Aurora

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