Bromley Lake

Bromley Lake

Adams County, Colorado

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. performed design and construction engineering including quality control services for a 9,800-foot long soil-bentonite slurry wall at Bromley Lake. Hall-Irwin Corporation supplied the labor, equipment, and materials to construct the soil-bentonite slurry wall. The as-constructed trench was excavated between 27 and 46 feet, to key a minimum of 4 feet into the underlying less weathered bedrock.

During the design phase, geotechnical field investigation was performed by drilling test holes along the proposed slurry wall alignment. From the information collected, Deere & Ault determined that the depth to bedrock across the site, ranged between 21 to 35 feet.

Final riprap placement on embankment.

The purpose of the slurry wall is to decrease hydraulic interaction between the surrounding alluvium and the area encompassed by the wall. Reduction of groundwater inflow to the site aids mining efficiency by reducing dewatering requirements during mining activities and decreasing potential drawdown effects on nearby wells.

Client:  Boral Aggregates

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