Dam & Reservoir Design

Dam & Reservoir Design

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Deere & Ault Consultants Inc. has experience in all aspects of the investigation, analysis, and design for new dams and water storage projects, as well as rehabilitation projects for existing dams. Our experience includes embankment dams, concrete gravity dams, and gravity arch dams.

Deere & Ault has been in the forefront of developing alternative water storage projects throughout the arid western United States. Our staff investigated, analyzed, designed, and provided construction engineering services for the first soil-bentonite slurry wall lined gravel pit reservoir in Colorado. We continue to work with our clients to develop innovative water storage projects.

New Dams & Reservoirs

The scope of our work on dam projects has ranged from being the lead investigator and designer to providing design review services and consultation. Our staff has provided the complete engineering services for the investigation, analysis, design, and construction of several new water storage dams and reservoirs which include the projects shown above.

Dam Inspection & Rehabilitation Projects

Many of the water storage projects in this country were constructed in the early 1900’s. These projects have required replacement of outlet structure conduits and other facilities, stability berms to meet slope stability requirements under various loading conditions; enlarged spillways to meet new hydrologic criteria; and enhanced drainage systems because of embankment or foundation seepage.

Our staff has extensive experience on dam rehabilitation projects throughout Colorado and the Western United States. We have similar experience on dam rehabilitation projects in the U.S.’s northeastern states through our Boston based special consultant.

Below Grade Gravel Pit Reservoirs

Our staff has led the way in the design and construction of lined gravel pit reservoir storage beginning in the late 1980’s. These reservoirs are constructed either by installing a low permeability slurry wall around the property or by lining the perimeter of excavating gravel mines with low permeability embankments constructed from overburden soils, and reworked and recompacted claystone bedrock. When the slurry wall option is chosen, mining can be carried out with minimal dewatering. During the past 10 years our staff has been involved in the design and construction of two or three gravel pit reservoirs per year.

Deere & Ault is the leader in design-build of slurry walls for gravel pit reservoir projects. Our group of professional engineers has designed more of these facilities in the State of Colorado than all other firms combined. Our engineers have the experience to focus our investigations and design efforts on the site factors important for constructing successful slurry wall reservoirs. Our designs incorporate the site specific soil and bedrock conditions to develop appropriate key trench depths in the bedrock and practical backfill mixes considering available borrow soils.