Rothe Farms Well Augmentation

Rothe Farms Well Augmentation

Irrigation Engineering – Morgan County, Colorado

Rothe Farms is a family farming operation in Morgan County, Colorado. The Rothe’s own several irrigation wells that supply center pivot sprinklers, and require augmentation. These wells were formerly enrolled in the Groundwater Appropriators of the South Platte (GASP) Augmentation Plan. When GASP was discontinued in 2002, the Rothe Farms wells were left without an augmentation plan, and as a result, could not be pumped.

Deere & Ault is providing ongoing services to secure augmentation water and
assist in irrigation planning for Rothe Farms in Morgan County, Colorado.

Deere & Ault Consultants, Inc. has developed Substitute Water Supply Plans for Rothe Farms. We have helped Rothe Farms identify and utilize augmentation sources that have allowed irrigation to resume. Our work for Rothe Farms includes augmentation accounting, evaluating additional augmentation water sources, planning recharge operations, and preparation of irrigation water management plans.

Client:  Rothe Farms

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