Deere & Ault (D&A), a Schnabel Engineering Company, provides a Colorado based team of exceptionally skilled and experienced professional engineers that have successfully worked together for over three decades. These key personnel have technical expertise in the areas critical to the development of water, underground, and specialty geotechnical projects.

Our local Colorado office is focused on water resource projects and related engineering services, including the design and construction engineering of dams, soil bentonite cutoff walls, tunnels, mine bulkheads, canals, drainage channels, pump stations, ditch structures, mine drainage, and pipelines with the associated floodplain modeling, and water rights evaluations. We have also provided geotechnical evaluations and developed designs for more than a dozen major new dams in Colorado. Another geotechnical sub-specialty is tunneling and mine rehabilitation. For these projects, we have typically provided complete engineering services, including investigation, analyses, design, and construction observation. We have the technical abilities to perform geological and geotechnical investigations and analyses, hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, structural design, civil design, and construction engineering and management services. The combination of our design and construction experience enables us to effectively identify important items early in the initial design phase and to prepare construction drawings, specifications, cost estimates, and bid documents that are accepted by regulatory review agencies, contractors, and owners.

Being part of Schnabel Engineering deepens and broadens our experience and capabilities for water resources and dam engineering services. Schnabel is a nationally recognized firm providing civil engineering services with a focus on dam and levee engineering, geotechnical engineering, geostructural design, tunnel and underground engineering, and engineering support during construction from locations nationwide.

Schnabel’s multi-disciplinary staff of more than 400 includes dam, water resources, geotechnical, civil, mechanical, environmental, and geostructural engineers; hydrogeologists and hydrologists; geophysicists and geologists; wetlands specialists; program/project managers; and construction quality assurance managers.